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Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When It Comes To Finding Their Purpose

When wise human talks, smart people learn and listen to them.

You Focus On Passion. Discover something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. The focus on passion permeates our society. Motivational quotes and common thinking leads you to faith passion comes first and success comes later. Wrong. Do you need to understand how to find passion? Get good at something. Take your natural strengths and talents and construct on them. Competence spurs passion. Passion doesn’t come first.

You Set Goal(s). Success gurus across the planet tell you to bust out the pen and paper and pen down every single little aim you can think of (I’ve been guilty of saying this). This is a good manner to accomplish nothing. Set one goal. Set a timeline to complete it. Once you reach your aim ladder you can move onto something else. Setting a bunch of aim pond spreads you too thin and keeps you from focusing.

You’re Patient. When it comes to getting started. You spend too much time analyzing and planning. You never take necessary action. Once you do get initiated, your patience fastly turns impatient. You get irritated early on and quit. Practice patience after you explore something worth committing to. Waiting on a sign to get started is dumbness.

You Use Positive Thinking. As a substitute for actual work. You watched “The Secret,” and now your faith you can manifest anything with your thinking pattern. Positive thinking works when blended with deliberate and hard-working effort. Your morning affirmations will not magically make you more optimistic.

You’re Grateful. Sort of. You don’t have a profound and deep sense of gratitude. You’re thankful that you aren’t homeless. You’re thankful that you have a meal to eat. As you must be, but don’t hide behind gratitude to rationalize the matter you’re not working towards living out your purpose.

You’re Optimistic. In the short run. But when matters get rough you get a tummy ache and quit. Maybe a tiny bit of pessimism would serve you well. For instance, instead of being blindly optimistic about your project or business, run a strategy to point out weak spots and correct them before you launch. You want optimism in the long run, but you should be mindful of the hurdles you’ll face along the pathway. Trust me, they’re coming. Over-optimism puts you at the point of being unable to get up after you get knocked failure pyramid.

You Think You’re Smart. And you are. But maybe you’re too smart for your own sake. Smart people might be overconfident. Smart people can get drunk on their own plans. Smart people try to reinvent the wheel when it’s not required. Smart people try too hard to be original instead of making an influence line of thought. It’s alright to be smart, just don’t let it blind you from what requires to be learned and what requires to be done.

Smart people are overconfident. A lifetime of pats and praise on the back leads smart people to create an unflappable faith in their abilities and intelligence. When you rack up accomplishments while humans stroke your ego, it's easier to expect that matters will always go your way. But this is a dangerous expectation. Smart people often break down to identify when they require support, and when they do understand it, they tend to faith that no one else is capable of providing it.

They push people too hard. Smart people create overachieving personalities as things come so easily to them. They simply don't identify how tough some humans have to work to achieve the same things, and because of that, they push humans too hard. Smart people set the bar too high, and when persons take too long or don't get matters quite right, they think it's due to a lack of effort. So they push even harder and miss the chance to assist others to achieve the aim they're so anxious for them to reach.

One should not only be smart in his brain structure, but one should also be smart in how he relates to other human figures.

They always want to be right. It's hard for anyone to kindly absorb the fact that they're doing false. It's even pretty hard for smart people as they progress so used to be accurate all the time that it becomes a slice of their identity. For smart people, being right, a necessity, and being wrong can feel like a personal attack.

They give up when they fail. Have you ever seen a sporting event and seen the amazing look on the face of an athlete whom everyone expected to win, but didn't? Smart people can easily fall into this trap of seeing failure as the end of the planet as best success quotes create expectations that make failure hard to tolerate. People who have to work tough for what they attain have plenty of practice grasping how to deal with failure. They grasp to embrace it because they identify that failure is just a stepping stone to success.

They have a hard time accepting feedback. Smart people tend to undervalue the opinions of others, which denotes they have trouble faithing that anyone is qualified to give them useful feedback. Not only does this structure hamper their performance and progress, but it can also lead to toxic relationships, both professionally or personally.

Smart people rationalize stupid actions. They do not realize that they are making errors because they are so nice at coming up with excuses and reasons for their manners. They are blind to mistakes in their own behaviors by justifying them to others and themselves.

Smart people require to have an answer for everything. They have a compulsive requirement to be right to keep with their own self-image. Their intelligence is tied to their self-worth. If they do not know or understand something, then it threatens their sense of safety.

Smart people multitask too much. They take on too many matters all at once and overwhelm themselves. They need to do it all and think that they can do everything. They tax their resources to the complete capacity and do not notice that they are near the tipping point of a breakdown.

Smart people do not like to ask for help. Smart people are so used to giving others solutions that they think asking for help makes them look weaker. They often do not even identify that they want help because they are used to being independent and self-sufficient.

Smart people overanalyze matters. They got absorb in their thoughts as of constantly analyzing the pros and cons of matters. This indecision makes them miss out on chances, as they do not take action when the time is ripe.

Smart people faith that every issue is solvable. They do not understand when to let of matters or people. They see the best in people, and the bright side of the circumstance even when there may be none.

Smart people beat themselves up over their past. They waste away time in regret as they want to learn from their errors but instead get hung up on the past. They remain emotionally and mentally stuck rather than looking forward to their future.

Smart people concentrate on details instead of the bigger picture. They are perfectionists and get lost in the details, which makes them lose their point of view of the bigger picture. They make false assumptions without discounting the possibility of human subjectivity.

Smart people do not cope well with instant change. When something unplanned and uncontrollable occurs in their life, they have poor coping resources and are undeveloped since they are used to having everything under their control.

Smart people think irrational fears will come right. They have bright imaginational potential but this can be a curse when they develop unnecessary fear and anxiety for the future. They constantly worry that the worst will occur.

Smart people have unrealistic goals. They are constantly dissatisfied with lifechanging and do not understand how to be content. They are not thankful for what they already have in life as they feel entitled to deserving more.

Smart people underestimate the value of true grit. They are used to achieving and setting big aims through their high intelligence. They fail to identify the values of dogged and sustained persistence and patience when matters aren’t necessarily going their way.

Smart people give up easily when they fail. They are used to solving issues very fast compared to others. When they fail at something, they think that something is false with them and give up, instead of realizing that it is purely another stepping stone to success.

Smart people push themselves too hard. Motivational quotes of life are committed to personal progress and becoming the best possible versions of themselves either professionally or personally. This pursuit of excellence can be harmful when it becomes obsessively perfectionistic.

Smart people seek to pursue meaning. The smartest people are seeking deeper fulfillment and idealism. They continuously strive for the pursuit of purpose without realizing that you cannot intellectualize everything. 

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