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Damaged People, Dangerous People
July 26, 2018

Damaged people when rise correctly become dangerous people, hard to be defeated.

People may be damaged due to health issues, relationships, monetary issues, abuses or natural calamities. Damage is always at the emotional level.This damage can be overcome or not depends on the person largely but also on the surroundings, people around you and your inner dialogue, with your own self.Damaged people become useless or awesomely unstoppable in their dreams and aspirations.

You and only you have the power of your subconscious mind to overcome every damage of your life, physical or emotional.

Steps to overcome damage-:
1. Cut off the toxic people around you – As soon as you realize the vibes of the people around you, just try to keep out of their reach, without disturbing your own mind.


2. Increase your time with your own self – Understand your emotions and analyze them for your good.


3. Be more and more connected to Divine – Make Divine your source of healing and blessing you.


4. Act small – To overcome the damage, you must start acting small. That is just change your daily activities, like switch over to walk and connect with nature. Day by day small changes would become your daily chores.


5. Add on positives – Be more and more concentrated on adding your positive inner virtues by listening to some inspirational people or reading good literature or self help.

6. Focus on your health – To overcome the damage, focus more and more on your eating habits, exercises, walk or any fitness regime to achieve optimum health, your ultimate treasure.


7. Smile often – Smile is a curve that makes everything straight. Smiling faces are always welcomed. Just make smiling your habit and wear it often.

8. Understand the universe – The universe tries to communicate through people, media, radio, natural calamities, weather or any animal or birds near you. Try to understand and analyze the patterns and use them for your good.


9. I believe strongly that when these damaged people decide to overcome their damage, they really become unstoppable and sky is their limit.
Much love and power to all.

Deeksha Arora

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