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The weavers of Onnupuram

A village in Tamil Nadu, Onnupuram, is the hub of weavers, who have refined the craft of making handwoven silk sarees, passing it on from one generation to another. 
As one walks down the road of Onnupuram village, it is inescapable to listen to the rhythmic beats of handloom pedals, as the craftsman weave to design their traditional creations. Located 1, 27.6 kilometers away from the state capital, Chennai, is a village in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India that serves as a household to the skill of making handwoven silk sarees. It is mesmerizing to see how bundles of raw, simple, and colorless larvae silk threads enter the village, only to go out in form of elegant, rich, and colorful sarees of 6 yards each. With more than 100 families earning their daily bread from weaving, the village is a hub for one big society, divided into clusters of households. 
Passed from one peer group to another, every house in the rural land is equipped with one or more handlooms, as the members of the family pass on their skills to the younger generations. Generally done by the womenfolk of the community, the saree and every thread is then woven, packed neatly to be dispatched to the companies.
Not just their source of income, but also the utter substantiality to keep alive their inheritance, the weavers’ community is as closely knit as the twist as a result of the effects of heat or dampness and fabric of their creations. The luxury they generate is still sometimes away from their reach, yet they optimistically work with their souls, manufacturing colorful masterpieces that are adorned by the creamier sections of the community.
As a community, they work together, knowing every solitary detail of each element born within their zone. It is not astonishing to hear a woman from one household to tell what is being woven or in process in any of the other homes, as they make a livelihood by rising together as a flock of birds.
To culminate, the weavers of Onnupuram (which loosely translates as ‘Onnu’ to one or single), identify themselves as a community bound as a whole by their heritage. They are proud to stand together as one tight and strong weave as their weft and warp.
Do you want to be a part of their journey?

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