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Manufactured by Parle Products in India, Parle-G is a brand of biscuits. A 2011 Nielsen survey announced it is the best-selling brand of biscuits in the globe.In the Vile Parle suburb of Mumbai, in 1929, Parle Products was established as a confectionery maker. Parle Products started manufacturing biscuits in 1939. In 1947, when India became independent, the organization floated an ad campaign, revealing its Gluco brand of cookies as an Indian substitute to British-branded biscuits.
Until the 1980s, Parle-G biscuits were earlier familiar as Parle Gluco Biscuits. The G in the name Parle-G originally stood for GLUCOSE, though a later brand slogan also denoted G for GENIUS.
Parle-G became the nation's first FMCG brand to cross the thousand-crore mark in retail sales in 2013. Parle-G is one of the oldest brand names in India as primarily eaten as a tea-time snack. For decades, the product was straight away acknowledged by its iconic yellow and white wax paper wrapper. The wrapper features a sweet young girl (an illustration by Everest creative Maganlal Daiya back in the 1960s).
Parle-G has a little while back become available in plastic wrapping. The modern packaging keeps its traditional design. The change in materials was encouraged with advertisements appeared a Parle-G packet placed into a fish tank.
As of January 2013, Parle-G's secured distribution network covered over millions of retail stores in the country. In 2014, the Brand Trust Report graded Parle-G as the 42nd most trusted brand of our nation.
In Parle-G's popularity, the low price is another significant factor. Outside the country, it is sold for 99 cents for a 418-gram pack as of 2012. Rs 2 packs of Parle-G are also sold. Also, the initial TV commercial for Parle-G was made in 1982. In the 1990s, The Indian superhero Shaktiman also endorsed the brand. The Parle name symbolizes superior taste, quality, and nutrition. An in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer psyche has supported ParleG makers to create a marketing philosophy that reflects the requirements of the Indian masses. They have made it a tradition to deliver both taste and health, with a value-for-money positioning that permits individuals from all age groups and classes to enjoy Parle products to the fullest.
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