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Ice Age Continental Drift

It is a 2012 American computer-animated adventure comedy film distributed by 20th Century Fox and produced by Blue Sky Studios. It is the sequel to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the fourth movie in the Ice Age series. The film was directed by Michael Thurmeier and Steve Martino from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs and Michael Berg.
Sixteen years after the events of the third movie, Manny and Ellie are enforced to deal with the tribulations and trials of their daughter Peaches, who has difficulty fitting in with her peers. Ellie attempt to support her daughter, but Manny becomes extremely overprotective. Meanwhile, Sid's family returns, but only to drop off the elderly Granny before punctually abandoning them both. Manny then catches Peaches draping out with a class of mammoths he does not approve of, causing a battle between him and Peaches. Shortly after, an unexpected continental break-up separates Manny from The Herd. Confined on a motioning chunk of ice with Diego, Sid, and Granny, Manny has no choice but to ride out the stream. At the same time, a giant land shift cut in on Peaches, Ellie, and those remaining on land, pushing them to make their pathway towards a land bridge to get to safety.
After narrow escaping a pack of sirens, Sid, Manny, Granny, and Diego return home and explore that Gutt has beaten them and taken Ellie, Peaches, and the rest of The Herd hostage. A battle arises, as Granny's pet whale, Precious, arrives and shifts off Gutt's crew. Manny defeats Gutt in a final fight on an ice floe and reunites with his friends and family.
Meanwhile, When Scrat sees the acorns everyplace, he is excitedly hyperactive. When Ariscratle warns him not to take anymore, Scrat attempt to resist, but he couldn’t. He then pulls an acorn plug where water comes in and drains the town down. Scrat survives, but when trying to dig where the city is now, the ground cracks as he is in a dry desert familiar as the Death Valley. His eyes watering, Scrat then screams in irritation, ending the film.
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