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Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is an Indian English coming of age, young teen romance novel by Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. The novel, set in New Delhi, rural Bihar, New York, and Patna, is the tale of a Bihari boy in quest of winning over the chick he loves. This is Chetan novel which was released on 1 October 2014 by Rupa Publications. The book has also been published in Gujarati and Hindi.

Madhav Jha, a village boy from Dumraon, a rural place in Bihar, comes to meet the writer, who is actually Chetan Bhagat, and leaves behind a few diary from his half-girlfriend, who he thinks have died. Chetan Bhagat calls him up the next day to hear his narrative. He starts by describing his trouble entering St. Stephens, as his English was not good enough. Being a nice basketball player, Madhav gets finally into it through sports quota.

The beautiful and rich Riya Somani is a chick from Delhi, who is also got selected through the sports quota. Riya and Madhav become close buddies due to their connection with basketball. Madhav need to make her his girlfriend, but she declined the proposal. Offended by his dirty ultimatum, Riya Parts association with him and tells Madhav not to talk to her anymore.

In the course of the Madhav struggle timeline, he comes across Riya again, who is now a divorcee. Riya supports him to prepare the English speech. They two are pretty successful in their fundraising, but, after the speech, Riya left a letter for him which states that she is in the last level of lung cancer and has only a few months left to survive. Riya's letter confesses her love for Madhav but states she has few time to live. When Madhav efforts to track her down, he finds that she has cut all ties in the country and has disappeared.

The book ends with the writer visiting the village school in Dumraon, three and a half years later, and seeing that both Riya and Madhav are successfully running the school, and have a son, Shyam.
Do you want to join Madhav and Riya's adventure love story?

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