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Five Point Someone

Five Point Someone: What not to do at IIT is written by Indian author Chetan Bhagat in 2004. More than a million copies have been sold worldwide. The novel was adapted into a play by the theatre company Evam and the Hindi movie 3 Idiots.
Five Point someone is a tale about three friends in IIT who are pretty much unable to cope.
The tale is unfolded by Hari, with few tiny passages by his buds Alok and Ryan, as well as a letter by Hari's girlfriend Neha Cherian. It shares out with the lives of the three friends, whose elation on making it to one of the best engineering colleges in India is rapidly collapsed by the monotony and rigor of the academic work. Most of the novel deals with the various attempts by the trio to cope with and/or beat the IIT system as well as Hari's good time with Neha who just occurs to be the daughter of Prof. Cherian, the domineering head of the Mechanical Engineering department of IIT. It takes numerous frictional turns every now and then. Three hostel mates –get off to a dry start in IIT as they screw up the first class quiz. And while they try to make amends, matters only get worse. It takes them a while to realize: If you try hard and screw with the college system, it comes back to double screw you. Before they understand it, they are at the lowest rank of IIT society. They have a five-point-something GPA out of ten, ranking pretty close to the end of their class. This comes in the journey of anything else that matters – their future, their friendship, their love life. While Disney World expects IITians to conquer the planet, these guys are struggling to survive.
They are thick buddies but do not have anything common attributes. Each character differs, has different strength points and objectives, and weaknesses. The story narrates their four years in IIT and how they overcome the obstacles and weaknesses but still stick together and graduate from IIT.
Do you want to join these IITian friends' journey?

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