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Bombay girls Bombay rains

It has been written by Indian author Anirban Bose who is a doctor by profession and it is pretty clear that he has poured in all his experiences during his medical studies. On grasping that I was going to learn medicine in Bombay, someone specially said to me, 'You've got to figure out two things in Bombay: the Bombay rains and the Bombay girls.
Adi, a teenager from Ranchi makes it to the reputable Grant Medical College and lands in Big Bad Bombay. Initially, he has an enormous inferiority complex and considers his success to being a fluke. Adi makes friendship with a diffident Harsha who is unable to speak good English, a narcissist Rajeev, Toshi a boy from far out Nagaland, Sam a boy from Pune who is not considered a Maharashtrian because he is not a Hindu, and Jagdeep a Sardar as variegated in their own terms but still care for each other. Two other girls, Renuka and Ishita complete the key characters in the book.
 As time passes, Adi becomes one of the famous guys of his batch and regains his confidence. Heartbroken once, Adi finds love again but as matters run smoothly for him, tragedy bangs. Can Adi come out of this depressive trauma? A series of incidences that occur with him and his gang make them ponder about life and emerge as better persons. A truly inspiring narration for both medicos and non-medicos and how we can rise as individuals.
Adi's initiation into medical college life isn't the promising one...... A night of ragging by a bunch of sniggering seniors brings him and his equally vulnerable batch mates near to tears..... But gradually, he discovers his feet in the world and makes buds with a motley crew. This novel details the first two years in the medical college of a small city boy and how over this time period his personality changed to outgoing, outspoken, and someone who is brave enough to go to girls and ask for a date.
In this story, you will also explore the tiny impact of strikes in medical colleges and how a patient trusts a personality just because he is wearing a white coat.
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