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On a mission to discover a sustainable alternative and lessen the menace of plastic pollution, Kagzi Bottles, a company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has produced a 100 percent compostable paper bottle that declares to be the first-of-its’s-kind in our country.
India gives rise to 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste annually, as per this 2018-19 report. The plan to explore a substitute to single-use plastic first took shape when Samiksha Ganeriwal, the founder of Kagzi Bottles, was working on a college project.
In 2018, while working on a task for one of her customers on eco-friendly packaging she decided it was time to establish a company solely focused on developing 100 percent compostable paper bottles to build the machines from scratch. To discover the right persons to help build them, taking into account the nature of the product. Mostly were surprised with the color and shape as it is fully brown and people are so used to [transparent] plastic bottles. Eventually, however, everyone has come around and is pretty excited about the work samiksha is doing.
In December 2020, after more than a few years of setting up Kagzi Bottles, the prototype of the bottle was launched which is 100 percent compostable and contains no plastic. The company came to be named as Kagzi Bottles, ‘Kagzi’ derived from the Hindi word kaagaz meaning paper. The bottles are manufacture using paper waste as this waste paper is then combined with chemicals and water to break it down and get a mixture called the pulp. This is then molded into the desired shape of two halves of a bottle. These two halves are then glued together.
With an initial investment of Rs 12 lakhs, Kagzi is at present manufacturing bottles only for shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. These bottles are pretty cheaper than plastic. As samiksha is working towards creating bottles for beverages and food and plan on setting up producing units in four cities across India.
Do you want to get conscious about what we are doing to the environment?

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