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 TikTok is mostly used by everyday Indians to share lip-syncing, funny pet videos and dancing as TikTok’s core focus is small 20-to-15-second videos ... Read More


Till date, various severe situations happened in many peoples LIFE as this precious word is not good for everyone. Waiting for the best time to burst out, flame... Read More


 I want to climb ladder-like anyone else but I can’t, it’s impossible and I don’t want to behave like late acting pillar Sushant Singh Ra... Read More

Youth Under Technology PEER PRESSURE

In the 21st century, everything is going digital, every 9/10 person is addicted to social media and it’s negatively influencing people through it. Interne... Read More

Is life Hell

When we are enjoying our life with good food, good people and good amenities it makes us feel as if we are so blessed and living in Heaven.

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What made you happy today

It is up to us to make the best out of it or the worst out of it.

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How can anyone become strong

Your peace of mind seems to be lost in this never-ending race of life.

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What three things should we avoid doing

But most of the time we are not able to do so because of the lack of time, amenities or proper guidance.

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5 habits to improve life

Learning should be a part of our lives at every moment irrespective of age.

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Tips to make your day better

If you have a positive mindset, anything and everything seems beautiful, As soon as you get up from your bed, have gratitude in your mind for the present day wh... Read More

What do you think about Karma in life

This means whatever we will grow we will get its fruits.

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Why do you need to love yourself more

If in our life we start comparing ourselves with someone around and try to copy the same then we lose our originality.

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Why should the people be given importance

Don't believe easily what others say. But to give importance to people is another issue.

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How can anyone become socially confident

Other points that can add to this confidence are good Education, sound financial ground and smart communication skills.

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What happens when you sometimes think your dream is impossible

When you dream something you have to find measures to make it possible by being realistic and practical. 

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What are the ways to keep myself happy

Like if he doesn't have money or is not working then let him find a job.

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What room do ghosts avoid

Ghosts can live in all rooms because they are ghosts, still, they avoid going in one room.

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What will happen if we look for positives in life

Everything seems to be in place and acceptance of any situation becomes easy.

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