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Why should you admire “her”?
March 7, 2019

“She” symbolizes

A mother

A daughter

A wife

A sister

A friend

A teacher


“She” is an embodiment of love.


“If she is loved correctly, she glows differently”


This is really true.



If a woman is valued, loved and respected, she sheds the last ounce of her blood to protect you, save you, upbring you, love you and bless you.


All the more, a lady is the one who can make your home or break your home.

It is really not that a woman is always correct or she can be tagged as “Mrs. Always Right” but if she is accepted as she is, she really understands her flaws and tries to correct them.


On the contrary, if a woman is always contradicted in her decisions, looked down upon and is not allowed to have any say in the important decisions. She really takes it seriously and breaks till the core of her heart. A woman with a broken heart can never look after her family appropriately.

So, it is really you, who has to decide about your living.

If you wish to have a quality life, admire and respect the women around you and in return get tonnes and tonnes of love.





Deeksha Arora

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