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Society Attitude towards LGBT

LGBT stands for an important community of this world who is believed to be the Divine Souls and are not straight. The initials comprise Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender. It is an Umbrella term often used to refer to the community as a whole.

"There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in"

It is a motivational quote by Chris Colfer, an American actor, singer and author.

I also second his thought. Really there is nothing wrong with anyone, the Supernatural Power of this Universe is working marvelously beyond imperfection. What all is going in this life is predestined and only thing I see wrong is the perspective of people in dealing with others. I know it’s very easily said than done but when someone close to you is going through a hell like experience and is not accepted by the society or is bullied for his make, the torture is beyond everything.


Being a straight person, me and many of you will not understand the trauma which the LGBT community is facing. The battle they are fighting to have a victory in finding their identity is very harsh. It’s not only about the physical make but the hormonal imbalance as well which is directly related to the emotions of an individual.


Lately, I had a full time cook at my place who was a gay. He stayed at our place for about four continuous years. He was more of fashion geek with a loud laughter and ever dancing feet full of lively expressions. He was quite good at his job and a person of self respect. He once told me about the trauma he had to face in his life. He didn’t get unconditional love from his father due to his reality. His father always compared him to his elder brother and wanted him to do all things of his interest. Whereas the cook said that he was least interested and bothered about those things. In fact he loved cooking, gossiping with friends for hours and dressing up.

But his father always used to tease him that cooking was not a guy’s job and was very strict about his opinion. His mother used to save him from his father’s beatings as he was quite violent towards him to leave the girlish tasks. He revealed that he was beaten up many times with a stick or belt and used to cry the whole night. When he came to us for the job recruitment, he just requested that we should not beat him. When he said this, I got goose bumps, I smiled and told him that he was at the right place for his healing and beating anyone is not in our system. He took a deep breath and lived with us for four happy years.

I was really surprised by knowing about the attitude of his father. I wish his father should have understood him deeply as a soul and not as a boy or girl and should have loved him unconditionally as he did to his elder son and two daughters. One day I said him that I would love to write your story and I am happy to uncover some part of it in this in this article. Silently in my mind I still pray for their sanity and peace.

One more incident I encountered when I read about a friend on facebook, she just screamed out her happiness when the LGBT rights bill was passed here in India in 2019. She expressed her gratitude on the social media as she had accepted herself fully but the society still needed to change. A common friend of us told me that her mother read about it on facebook and warned her to stay away from that girl as she was going to affect her also.

Both of us discussed and laughed about how can anyone change someone’s reality. Talking to LGBT is not going to affect you, it’s something inbuilt and not done according to the peer pressure. It’s not at all a piece of crime, shame or any damn negative affair. But letting them live their life full of freedom and peace is all the more important. 

I once read in Karan Johar’s autobiography, “ Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out. I won’t only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this”

When a Bollywood celebrity who has so much name and fame in the industry was so afraid to utter a word on the topic then what a mere common man would have done. He has been trolled over social media about homosexuality thousands of time for his movies Dostana and Student of the year. He has proved himself with so many real achievements in life which many of the straight people can never do in their seven life times.

I humbly request the people of this world to stop trolling people in their lives and make them feel unworthy or helpless. Instead be a person to build up souls, heal souls and make them vibrate higher in their lives.

Through this blog I would also like to show gratitude to Ayushmaan Kuraana for taking up the challenge to portray a LGBT role in his new movie.

It is actually true that being an LGBT is like being left handed. Some people are, most people are not and no one really knows the reason for it. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way things are. The most society can do for them is to make them believe in themselves because everything has beauty.

Let happiness be in their way forever.

Published By:

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora is a motivational speaker and writer with a passion of graphic designing and content creation. She has formerly worked as a Lecturer and now runs her own chain of LeDaffodils Play school. She is an Empowered women award winner by DLF in the category Empowering.She is a writer with passion of creating socially relevant viral-worthy content. She loves to explore life and create positive vibes among the people around.

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