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April 12, 2019

This one is in LOVE of Hanuman ji


The day was windy,

with the leaves rushing around

with their squashing sounds and

a  whole lot of honking  traffic, a motorbike

and a car in a while ;

the motors speeding up the road,

suddenly there was a sound of a bell ringing

which brought about a unique  kind of peace in the mind,

shattering all the noise into a clear beautiful silence.



The fragrance which crossed the air was just amazing and fed

all my senses with contentment and gratefulness.

This was none other than the Hanuman ji temple across the road of the school,

where I dropped my son for his classes.

This awesome place was so positive and uplifting.

It triggered all my creative juices and I couldn’t resist

 Writing on the note pad in my fancy bag.



Just loved the day, the noise of the crackling and twisting tree leaves and

a rare distinguished  voice of the Vaayu devta.



I went into the temple and just was touched to see the statue of

Hanuman ji in his Vaayu Devta avatar.

Many many thanks to the creator, the super power  (DO NOT FEAR GOD)

for providing me with the vast and elaborated view of

Hanuman ji, my beloved God.


I have always been in devotion with Hanuman ji

since my childhood days;

This was all due to my Grandmother who was such a pious lady

with true devotion for the Lord throughout her life.


She faced some horrifying incident during India-Pakistan partition.

My grandmother  prayed to Her Hanuman ji and was rescued from the danger.

She used to recite Hanuman chalisa for me when I was a kid.


Much thanks to God.

Much more affection for my bond with the Kesari Nandan.

In love of my Lord and remembrance of my grandmother.

Deeksha Arora

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