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Morning Mindfulness Practices to Help You Have an Awesome Day

The little moments? The little things? They aren’t little. A good way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we fertilize mindfulness.

Mindful check-in. I think a lot of us jump out of bed and dive into the morning without really examining in with ourselves to see how we’re feeling.
Check in to see how your body feels—if you’re holding stress anywhere or if any part of your body cells wants a little extra love, whether that signifies stretching your arms or giving yourself a foot massage.
Inspirational blogs are the reason to check-in to see how you feel emotionally and mentally—if you emotion worried about anything that’s coming or you’re holding onto any ideas or remorse about yesterday and could maybe work through them with a tiny journaling.
And most significantly, ask yourself: What do I want? It might not be the same as what you wanted yesterday. You might want to chug some water, or bond with someone you love, or listen to a tune that always makes you smile. None of these things takes that long, but they can all make a big difference.

Mindful morning mantra. Because I need my son to emotion thrilled about his days, and to understand that he’s a valuable personality, I’ve gotten into the practice of telling him, right after he wakes up, Welcome to the bright sunny day, the day is lucky to have you! (I probably sound like the teacher from Peanuts right now, as, you know, he’s two and a half, but in time he’ll know!)
Recently it happened to me that I could just say easily this to myself, either looking in the mirror or just in my mind when I first open my eyes. So I tell myself this, then take a few deep breaths and let these words marinate in my mind.
It’s a much brighter greeting to the morning than a vibrant screen in my face. And it’s a way to proactively and mindfully encourage what I require to feel: confident, excited, and valued.

Mindful shower. Our morning shower is a perfect chance to engage with our senses, clear our brain, and visualize our anxiety washing away down the drain. This is why you might include a free bonus titled How to Make Your Morning Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating in your new Mindfulness Kit. It’s also why you added a lavender shower gel. Whenever we engage our senses we’re pulled into the present moment, and there’s no sense more powerful than the sense of fragrance. The part of the mind that processes smells is connected to the part of the mind associated with emotion and memory. This means the right scent can provide healing, comfort, and calm. And lavender in particular isn’t just relaxing, it’s also scientifically proven to help a number of physical ailments and with anxiety.
You might explore a different scent that appeals to you. You might prefer hot showers, or cold showers, or a combination. What’s necessary is that you permit yourself to be fully present with the experience— to tune into the sound of the drops hitting the floor, to feel the water cascading down your back, and to give yourself the time to simply be, in this moment of isolation.

Intention-setting practice. Many of us go into our days with long to-do lists, and it can easily develop a sense of swamp.
I like to set an early morning intention based on both something to be and something to do, because this remember me of what’s really necessary, and takes the focus off efficiency. And I like to do this while exercising deep breathing and watching the flame dance on my favorite music (another practice I recommend in my Mindfulness Kit).
For example, you could set the intention to do an act of kindliness and be humane with yourself. Then you’ll emotion a sense of achievement when you complete the act of kindliness, and you’ll not only emotion good about having done it, you’ll feel nicer about yourself no matter what else you do, as you’ll be admiring your intention to be tender with yourself.

Mindful breakfast. Specifically in the morning, when we have a lot to do, and perhaps get into quickly, it’s easier to scarf down our meal without even really tasting it. And it always happens to me how silly this is. It’s not like savoring our meal takes much time frame. It literally add on minutes to the experience—a few extra seconds at most.
In the family we joke that we don’t chew our meal, we just kind of swallow it down. So this is where you begin. You chew more. You fully taste what you are eating. You close your eyes as if it’s a super decadent sweetmeat.

Live the present moment. Only this actual moment is life as the emotion that any task is a nuisance will soon dissolve if it is done in mindfulness.

Choose to eat without multitasking—no TV or phone on in the background. Smile attitude quotes give yourself authorization to just enjoy eating. Like when you were a child and finally got an ice cream cone after begging for some time. You took big, long licks, you let it drop down your hand, maybe you snarled when someone asked if they could attempt it as you were just that into it.
You could also think this is the last time you will ever get to eat a particular meal. I discover that always mindful eating is pretty easier.

Yoga or stretching. If you could take an hour-long yoga class every morning, you would, because nothing feels as bright for your brain and body as yoga. It’s like a mental cleanse and a really wise full-body yawn-stretch all at once. It releases tension both in the brain and body and develop a feeling of lightness all over.
If you don’t have the time for a full class, you could instead do some energizing poses, while concentrating on your breath. Yoga Journal has a good list of recommendations. Or you could simply stretch in whatever way feels nice to you, breathe deeply as you move your body.

Gratitude journaling. You probably see this suggestion a lot, and for good reason: identifying our blessings uplifts our mood, rises our overall life satisfaction, and makes us emotion more positive. When you discover matters to appreciate, even when life feels stressful or hard, it’s like reflecting a spotlight on all the reasons life is worth living and deleting everything that hurts.
But you don’t need to put pen to paper to harvest the profits. You could pen up one thing down and put it in a gratitude jar so you can pull a random blessing out any time you want a pick-me-up. You could share a morning blessing on social media, to bond with other humans in the process.

Put the Phone Away! When you're alarm clock goes off, (especially if it's with your mobile) it's so, easy to start scrolling. Maybe you need to check your email. Check your Instagram or Facebook? Well, stop it.
It's ruining your day ( as waking up with technology is hijacking your growth).  You’re going to avoid another request for you to get an actual alarm clock in your room, but really think about it. You can charge your mobile outside of the room (because that blue light is not good for sleeping!) and then you won't be enticed to check it when you first wake up.

Stretch it out. You don't have to go to the gym or even head to a yoga class, of course, if you need to please do, but just wake up and stretch! Reach your hands high above your head, roll your spine up and down, and then do a couple of jumping jacks to get your blood circulation.  When your body moves, your brain moves! It's so necessary to move to help your mind solve issues. This is especially true if you work a sedentary job. I really like to use a yoga app on my mobile and begin my day with some minute stretch routine to get the creative plans working.

Focus. So, now that you've spent a couple of time breathing, stretching, and clearing your brain it's time to focus. You're not off the hook yet. Don't begin trying to resolve issues. Try to focus on mindfully packing your lunch, making your breakfast, working on your skincare routine or brushing your teeth, etc. Try to stay focused and in the moment.

Drink Water. In the mornings after you’ve done all of the things, drink 32 oz of tepid water with hot lemon. Drink it super-fast to begin your day hydrated.  Day is always better when you are hydrated.  

Kick-booty!. Ok, go out and crush THE DAY!!. You're going to have so much innovative energy. Motivational quotes of life aid in to remember to take deep breaths during the day time, get up and stretch, walk around the household, and make certain you're mindfully checking in with yourself.  

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