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December 2, 2018

Life is not so easy to deal with. Not always we are in our pink. Situations and people in this life often threaten our peace of mind. But surely we may choose to overcome tough situations and avoid toxic people by focusing more on our own view points and adding more positivity to our lives by reading self help matter. This life can anyhow  be smoothened in its own roughness by our right choices. So, let’s have new glasses of our own optimism.


A numerous quotes for gearing an even life are penned down and compiled for your betterment. May these things smoothen your course of journey in this life.

1. Concentrate on solutions to restrain from confusion. (abillionthingstodo.com)


2. People in our life come and go, the time, the life is always on the flow; Let your existence be in your best show.



3. See your world with the filter of optimism.(Transforming_lives by Deeksha Arora)


4. Relax, relax, relax to shine max. max. max. (A billion things to do by Deeksha Arora)


5. Many times in life, the people whom you know; appear as the ones, whom you don’t know. (Transforming_lives by Deeksha Arora)


6. Be a good news to your own people first. Charity begins at home. (A billion things to do book)



7. You cannot avoid bad but the good from your end you may add. (A billionthings to do book)


8. Life will give you reasons to break, make sure the best out of it you take. (A billion things to do book)


9. Subsitute your negative feelings with a picture from another side in your dealings. (abillionthingstodo.com)




10. Let your spark add on more and more to this existence.(Transforming_lives)


11. Wish good for the ones who cross your life runs.(A billion things to do book)


12. Life is tough, It has made us rough; This toughness must smoothen us anyhow.(A billion things to do book)





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