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LOVE The Mockery or Fate

"When You are trying to be everyone’s anchor, try to save your own boat first"

Sometimes, we forget in building a lot of relationships that our own life wants our attention more. We just try to be in difficult times of other people that is totally okay but we intend to forget about our own lives and our own problems. We try to empathize with everyone but can you guarantee this that if you are in your most difficult situation than you will be getting the same empathy or attention you’ll be giving? I bet the people who promised to be there will also leave when the time comes. They just sympathized and disappear. You try to cheer up people with your positive attitude but at the end when they’ll get the chance, some of them will never fail to make fun of you, that should be unacceptable.

Don’t let anyone make a mockery of your situations, try to be your own helping hand if you have to be.

You’ll surely witness this situation in your lifetime at least once that you helped someone and he/she resulted better than you. I know helping is a good thing but don’t indulge yourself that much to someone else that you forget about your desires and you let them win with your own bare hands.

Helping other people is good but sacrificing your own good life for them is not acceptable at all. Focus on your problems first, then take care of another’s.


“Love for other people will someday make you paralyzed”

To love other people is good but don’t forget your identity for the person you call love. love is such an addiction in which day by day you strangle up deep. In some scenarios being loved by someone is good, trust me it’s beautiful but when you don’t get love by the other person in return is worst. That worst will make you a disastrous person ever. So, don’t let the love dominate you so much that you start forgetting your own identity and you feel trapped into your own life that you say in any word or situation doesn’t even count.

Published By:

Deeksha Arora
Deeksha Arora is a motivational speaker and writer with a passion of graphic designing and content creation. She has formerly worked as a Lecturer and now runs her own chain of LeDaffodils Play school. She is an Empowered women award winner by DLF in the category Empowering.She is a writer with passion of creating socially relevant viral-worthy content. She loves to explore life and create positive vibes among the people around.

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