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How to make a strong relationship

Be kind. Be honest. Be open. Be there. Be willing to listen, forgive, support, accept, and understand. This is what it means to love.

Be there. Love doesn’t grow and flourish as you dress up or make yourself up. All it requires is for you to show up, to be fully present. Motivational quotes help in making to faith soul mates were mythical creatures, as rare as unicorns, and that exploring your soul mate was a purest to goodness miracle—one that happened to other humans. Someone is ready to care for you. They’re out there. And they’re looking for you right now. But you have to present up fully to connect with them.
You can’t love or be loved when you’re physically there but mentally somewhere else. I now know that I want to focus more on the human in front of me than my judgments, worries, and insecurities. Love can only unfold when you get out of your mind and get into your heart. When you care for someone, the good pathway you can offer is your presence. How can you care and love if you are not there?

Be open. Love is a strong force, but you can’t share it if your heart is pretty closed. I used to fright the slightest drop in the protective force field. Sometimes worried that if I opened up even a little, it would be the end of me. Somehow staying closed felt like protection. If I let someone in, so couldn’t control what would happen.
But really learned that you don’t require to expose the deepest parts of yourself all at once to be open to love. You just require to let your defenses down long enough to let someone else in. I started by sharing a little about myself—my worries, my opinions, and my emotions. A little at first, I tested others’ reactions to what I shared. But my confidence grow much more quickly than I expected. And you know, not holding back so tough or pretending turned out to be the greatest relief ever. The biggest benefit you could own is an open heart.

Be honest. Being truthful in a relationship goes further than just not telling lies. It takes being the real one you, the amazingly imperfect you. Pretend to be someone you’re not or disguising how you feel sends a worrying message to the human who loves you. People have an inbuilt alarm when they sense someone isn’t telling them the pure truth.
I had an image of the ‘perfect me,’ and it didn’t involve being vulnerable. So I lied about the true me in everything I did and said. I pretended that I didn’t worry, didn’t want help, and that I knew exactly where I was heading in my life cycle. Those lies alone alienated some amazingly loving and wonderful people who would have been life-long buddies. if I’d let them. Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth-loving, living, speaking, and telling.

Be kind. I wasn’t kind in the initial phase. Pretty too insecure to let the little things go. A forgotten request felt like rejection. A distinct opinion felt like an argument. I was also too insecure to adopt that it didn’t signify I was loved less.
Being kind in love signifies accepting that people can’t always meet your expectations and giving the other person leeway in how they respond and act. It means looking after the other human heart even when you’re disappointed. Be kind whenever possible. It is always a divine way possible.

Be willing to listen. Love requires to be heard to flourish, that’s pretty obvious. But it took years to figure out that it was as much my responsibility to listen to things as to talk. As love is a conversation. In the beginning, your head was too full of all the things you wanted to explain, your heart too full of all the emotions you wanted to express.
But you found that when you listened, you grasp valuable insights into the other human each and every time. You heard their words of love, concerns, and self-doubts. You were able to help, support, and emotion the growing connection you had. They drew huge comfort from having been heard.  And you learned a whole relationship’s worth of areas where you could be supportive and super-sensitive in the future. Because you can’t talk the language of love until you learn to listen first. The first prime condition of love is to listen.

A strong relationship wants to fall in love multiple times but always with the same human.

Be willing to understand. Being willing to listen is only some part of learning the language of pure love. The other equation is understanding what you hear. And that means being open to a different outlook, even an opposite view. At first, that sounded like you needed to give up what you faith, to forever bow down on the way you saw things.  It meant you wanted to grasp to see that there could also be an alternative, equally good viewpoint.
Understanding in love goes beyond being appreciative and aware of the other person’s faith. It takes consciously embracing that you’re one of two, and both your point of view have a place. Inspirational blogs are the reason that love is big enough to handle different philosophies and opinions.
So the other person might grow up in a different culture. Love, care means appreciating that. Love taught you there’s another way out—that it’s more necessary to be honest and truly understand each other than to simply appease each other. One of the purest quality of true love is to be understood and to understand.

Be willing to accept. A strong relationship doesn’t have a complicated vocabulary. All it wants to hear is that’s alright, I love you for who you are. Accept the other person for who they are. To let love in, you require faith you’re worthy of love, that you truly are enough for another’s heart to fall for.
You want to embrace your human-ness, you’re less than polished edges, and all your quirks—and theirs, too, in equal ways. You had to grasp that you didn’t want to be perfect. You had to accept that about the other person too. You had to step back and see that no matter how big the miscommunication, they’d gone into the zone dripping with good intentions, care and love.
It felt hard to accept it all for a while until you truly opened your arms to all their blind spots and contrary points of view. You would have let those faiths go years before if you had known how liberated you would feel when you did. Accept that in a relationship you’re one of two wonderful, separate, yet intertwined images. The great prize you can give to others is the presence of unconditional acceptance and love.

Be willing to support. It’s hard to put the other human first when your own feelings are raging. You do spend years too caught up in the rawness of your own emotions to take into account anyone else’s.  So busy battling up your own mountain of troubles that you missed the other human struggling right alongside me. Support starts with looking out for signs the other one is battling. It means putting your own struggles on hold for a while.
Try to learn how to look beyond your own thoughts and issues and truly be there for the other person. And our love deepened every time you did. Surround yourself with humans who give you care and support, remember and love to give back as much as you can in return.

Be willing to forgive. Whenever there are two figures involved, there are going to be misunderstandings and mistakes. That’s a given. But the reality is, they are purely chances for love in disguise.
A forgotten small promise felt like I didn’t matter. Like that planned cozy evening, just us and a relaxing lunch, that got steamrollered by him agreeing to watch the neighbors’ pet so that the parents could have a special evening instead. That hurt. Until I learned to forgive. Forgiving says, that fault is tiny, our love is huge.
And it says it just the same for what feels like a big error too. It says our love can weather this—really, it’s pretty strong enough. And more than that, every time you forgive the other human, you’ll discover the compassion to forgive yourself too. The truth is persons mess up. Don’t let one error ruin a beautiful love thing.

Respect. Listening to your partner and trying to understand their outlook is a basic way to show respect in your strong relationship. Respect your partner’s opinions. Don’t try to persuade them to change their brain about matters that are important to them. In a healthy relationship, both sides will have mutual respect for each other. Another good way to create respect in a relationship is to be considerate of your partner’s boundaries and privacy. You are not entitled to understand everything that your partner does and everyone with who they interact with. Smile attitude quotes aid in signifying being mindful of your partner’s emotions and not doing things that might really hurt them. While it’s cool if you share things, healthy relationships want some space and a filter! 

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