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How to get through with hard Times without hurting our loved ones?

Your Universe is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the real difference. 

Stay Positive. When you feel positive, you’re putting yourself in the best position possible to not only make it through those hard times, but become a good human in the process. You can do one of two things when the ocean takes a turn for the worst. Love smile quotes aid to remind you that there is sunlight at the end of the road and that you’ll make it through. 

Stop. And breathe. Never underestimate the energy you give yourself when you just stop and breathe. Permit yourself to be deliberate and pause with your breath. Reconnect to yourself rather than just gaining the heat of the moment. Let your breath calm you, fill you, and guide you. 

Acknowledge your emotions. Don’t deny yourself the right to feel frustrated, angry, or sad. And don’t deny your colleague, partner, family, or friend that right either. And do not judge your feelings as not being valid or worthy. Our feelings are understandable given the current situation, and they often clue us into what we want, honor them and so listen to them.
Accept that it is okay to not be okay right now. Even if you are that human who always looks at the bright side of a situation or the rainbow after the storm, you may not able to do that all time. And that’s cool. Remind them too that it’s alright, and offer any cover you can, if you are able. Someday, hopefully soon enough, we will all discover our good way back to okay.
Give yourself and those you love the gift of compassion. Lighten the path you are carrying by deleting it with more compassion. Maybe right now isn’t a good time for unreachable expectations, but rather gentle exercises in consideration and kindness, for others, but especially for yourself. These are difficult times. Maybe the wise thing we can do for ourselves and the people we care about and love is to realize that these “moments” will occur.

Learning from problems is optional, facing difficulties is inevitable. 

Even during chaos, seek to find gratitude. During times and adversity when you feel unable to discover your balance, gratitude can be a key for support and comfort. It can remind you that even when you feel stressed, frustrated, and doubtful you will explore your blessings if you look for them as Gratitude can help ease your anxiety and leave you feeling rich, even during trouble. 

Write It Out. If you've suffered a low event, pen up about it as that can make you feel good. That's in part as writing reframe your thoughts, which makes the whole experience feels less confused. Writing also can give you the feeling that you can file the problem away, an emotional release, and insight into yourself. 

Tackle Your Problems. If you deal with a stressful circumstance, don't swim in self-pity or waste energy to point blame to someone else. That just makes you feel more upset. Instead, it makes more sense to apply reasonably good solutions. 

Shift Your Thinking. How you think about an issue affects both how well you tackle it and how much it upsets you. Shift your mind frame away from excessive worries or false thoughts. Apply suggestions like focus on the nice aspects of your life, Look at rough times as an opportunity to learn, improve or grow your situation

Get Creative. It was that one creative outlook that got you through the rough time and made a monumental success hierarchy.  

Change It Up. After you identify the basic takeaways from your tough time, you just want to make a change. If it’s a change you can apply immediately, just adopt it.  

Focus on What You Can Control. Make a note of everything you can control about the circumstance and take out all of your energy towards those things. Anything that’s not on the notepad, doesn’t go for your attention. 

Realize You’ve Come a Long Way. Some days we get so focused on the journey ahead, that we never look back to count what we’ve already traveled. Praise for everything you’ve already done. You’ll give yourself an inspirational blog boost when you understand that you’ve already made so much growth. 

Be Kind to Yourself. You want to love for yourself to live tough times. Read an amazing novel, lift some weights, Take a walk through the park, and lift some weights. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something that gets your body and brain involved at a higher level.

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