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Words of an unborn child
January 5, 2019

In the womb of the mother,
Inside my first home,
I feel so loved,
I feel so secured.

Contented with the love
Showered by my loving ones,
I kick a little harder,
Look, how happy they have become!
Says dad, he will be a footballer.

I wonder how my father knows I am he?
My identity is even unknown to me.
I may be a boy they adore or a girl of whom they never thought.

Every now and then there’s
a hand to caress my shield,
to show love to; to bless,
my little body in the building process.

They care, and love me a lot,
wish, I reach great heights,
excel in the desired field,
win difficult fights.
How lucky I am to have a family-
So lovely, so nice!

I hear the drops of nature,
The anger of the almighty!
Melodies of the bluebird,
Noises of the steaming pot.
I envisage to experience
The beautiful world,
I am about to step on.

“T’s a girl you will beget”
Said the doctor in a normal tone.
Unwillingly, I could hear the noise of shattering hearts of my darling souls.

“A boy was wanted, the girl has to be thrown.”
“Boys are better, girls are trouble!
“Oh lord, what have you done?
We wanted to get blessed with a boy and you cursed with a girl.”,

My happiness was killed upon hearing the words!
Wrecked my dreams, those pungent words.

A day more I lived with my heavy heart,
just to hear a sentence so harsh,
“Terminate the pregnancy, doc., ” said my own mother.
“Maybe I can get a boy in gestation another.”

A while later, again I got to see,
faces of callous people shine,
how relieved their lives are,
after killing a life.

It deepened my agony,
broke my dead heart,
right, when I needed,
no one caressed my broken parts.

Victim, I became
of cold-blooded murder,

I was gifted a life,
that was taken away by the consent of my dear mother.

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