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When you have peace within,
August 3, 2018

When you have peace within,

Life is bliss.

Any situation or person doesn’t disturb your mind,

You have a spring of peace inside you,

You have no anxiety,

No increased heartbeats,

No sweating, no traumatized feelings;

You are just who you are, untouched, indifferent.

When you have peace within,

You become a healer,

Healing is an art by which you can even transform

A hater into a lover,

An enemy into a friend

And a dishonest person into an honest being;

Your healing is effective when you accept the world

And people as they are;

Your acceptance gives them vibes to transform themselves;

You are blessed.

When you have peace within,

You love everyone,

You have love for a sweeper,

Love for a king,

Love for a girl or a boy,

Old or young;

Then there are no boundaries of

Caste, creed, city or country.

Your love becomes infinite and flows for all.

You are love.

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