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October 3, 2018

He gives me pain,

Still I love him;

He makes me cry,

Still I love him;

He uses abusive language,

Still I love him;

He enforces things on me,

Still I love him;

He makes me feel awkward,

Still I love him;

I love him because

I love him.

Many times I think to give up,

Then I realize that my love is true and

love needs chances

Hence, still I love him.


Sometimes my mind is full of words to be said,

Still I struggle with my own self,

answer the questions arising in my mind

with a loving heart which I believe, I have;

quiten my mind understanding  all this

life to be a drama;

I give chances, I move forward,

Because still I love him.

Many times he makes me feel lonely,

He is not there for me when I need him;

Still I wish to be there for him whenever possible;

I don’t say I may not be wrong at times but

I believe I have a pure heart with

abundant love for him;

So, I still love him.


Many nights I sleep with a feeling  that

I’ll be carefree from now on wards,

will not bother about him,

Let him be “HE” and let me be “ME”;

Still the whirlpool of questionnaires drains my existence,

Anyhow little by little I manage to hold on,

ask my heart about my priorities,

and  I get the answer

that I still love him.

It’s not the end of life but

I pray to my Divine that let my soul

love this soul till the end of my life;

bring me out of this chaos and

instill the true love,

so, little by little, let this silence deepen

in my heart, the love for this soul.



Deeksha Arora


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