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October 19, 2018

Our thinking determines who we are and largely measures our success. We have approximately, 60,000 thoughts in a day in our mind. (source- Wikipedia)


Our feelings let us know what we are thinking. Contradictory information in our mind which is not accepted by our mind creates imbalance in our body hormones. Whereas the information accepted supports our body and rewards us via dopamine release in our body, the feel good hormone.


Actually the biggest threats or dangers we face in our lives are the ones we don’t see or don’t allow our mind to see. They are not invisible but are not visible to us due to our superficial thinking. How we train our minds to think, deep or superficially depends much on us.



Deep thinking requires effort and patience. It is a slow, rational and conscious . It includes reasoning and helps to solve complex problems in our lives.

In reality, we can train our mind to stop, reflect and make slow decisions by pausing a number of times in a day and analyzing our own thoughts. It allows us to look at the whole chain of effects for better understanding of the numerous tough as well as challenging situations in life. It helps us to solve the multiple problems from different angles.




It is instant, intuitive thinking which is unconscious. It is an automatic emotional response. In this the person takes information from the face value. They look at first order consequences. Actually, I would say that the shallow thinkers are lazy to explore the issues deeply before making  judgement. They  strongly believe they are right. They don’t think about the long term consequences of a situation.



How to change your thinking?


Here is list of some points to create an effort to change your thinking patterns for a better living.

1 .Ask questions from your mind and find answers from your own self. Force yourself to use your brain more.


2. Pen down your problems and create a mind map or flowchart of possibilities.


3. Keep yourself equipped with self help material like some good reads or meeting and discussing with some trustworthy intellectual.


4. Don’t let philosophy be spared for the later stages of your valuable life. in fact the philosophical lessons when applied during youth show amazing results to solve abstract issues.


5. Don’t merely be a recipient of information from this vast world of technology. Actually inculcate in yourself the know how of manipulating and judging information useful for your positivity and aimful living.


6. Pick up a new skill, study a new subject or dig deeper into any topic. The regular you practice these, the stronger your mind becomes.

Let your thought be an idea and your decision be an answer to all difficult situations in life. Then, you’ll definitely shout EUREKA! ( I got it).



Deeksha Arora

Authentic writer, Chandigarh

Real blogger, Chandigarh




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