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October 12, 2018

Self image of the person is the thing that matters the most in our daily lives to be successful or for maintaining a graceful life. Every now and then in our lives we get moments of choice to change our routines and work more towards our better self which are more crucial for our sanity. These small choices in life determine our stability and attitude in life.

Many of the changes in the daily core activities in life lead to our self improvement . Let’s have a look on small changes to be inculcated in our lives to revolutionize in all aspects.

1. Express gratitude

Gratitude must be our attitude. Gratitude for the life we have, for monetary things, our health, our children, this universe, nature and a lot more. I am sure all of us have a numerous reasons to be grateful  for. Maintain your gratitude journal and move ahead.



2. Exercise

A routine for daily exercise in your life is must. It is very crucial to get up your heart rate by moving your body for atleast 20 minutes in a day. This can be in any form like yoga, gym, aerobics, swimming or walk.


3. Diet

A balanced diet in your lifestyle adds on to your glow and keeps you fit and energetic for the whole day long. Freshly cooked food and raw vegetables and greens are utmost important. The avoidance of the processed food must be at a check. Life is meant to be enjoying and food itself is an important thing to be relished which makes us feel good. Don’t cut down your tastes but add on healthy choices.


4. Sleep

A 7-8 hours healthy sleep is crucial for a good living. Healthy sleep is believed to rejuvenate the brain cells. The healthier are the brain cells , the more productive becomes your life. A proper sleep adds on to our beauty and prepares our mind for the new challenges of life.


5. Socialize

I once read some where that “ A man is the best drug for another man”.

Actually I have really experienced it in my life. Many times my friends and relatives pour in at my place and we share a cup of coffee with an interchange of lots of information in our heads by conversing with each other. In fact many times, I got the feedback that they feel uplifted by talking to me. This was one of my reasons to involve more into writing to bring about a revolutionizing change in the lives around.

When we have a “WOW” in our mind for the people we meet, we feel lighter.


This is one of the quotes written by me for real soul connections.


6. Restricted smart phone usage

Living in this world of technology and advancement, I totally agree to the usage of the smart phone but in a regulated manner. I think once in a while we must take a break may be like every week, give yourself an off from social media and unlimited information technology and just live every moment as it adores you. Social media can never ever nourish you as the genuine connection. Hug the people around you and feel  more.


7. Sun exposure

Spending time outside in the sunlight is very essential for a healthy and boosted living. Sun exposure is very important as it releases serotonin(natural mood enhancer) in our body and keeps us upbeat.


8. Meditation

Many of the people connect meditation with yoga while others connect it with the stillness that comes through prayer. I truly believe that yoga increases your focus and allows you to sit for meditation more than anything else in this world. Meditation improves our immune system . Meditation actually helps us in witnessing our life activities without being judgemental and allowing everything to happen. This witnessing of the life without unnecessary intervention is actually parmount. It helps you to let go things and experience tranquility.


9. Say something NICE

Whenever you say something nice, it benefits others and also makes you feel better. These genuine nice words leave a beautiful impression on your own soul, release feel good hormones and make you feel good.


10. Sit up straight

Sitting straight and upright makes you feel powerful and create happy emotions inside you . It keeps you healthy and enhances your personality.


11. Have goals in life

When you have something worthy in life to achieve , you work for it, you look forward to it or else your life becomes meaningless with no purpose. Having goals in life is very crucial.


12. Learn something new

Learning something new every now and then keeps you updated, makes you savvy and serves as a spark in your life. Your urge to learn from every person and every situation in life actually is triggered by this attitude.


13. Diary

Maintain a diary in your life. Pen and paper could be your best friend. Pour out your feelings on a paper and empty your heart. This will definitely give you a sigh of relief.


14. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

If you don’t know anything in life or don’t wish to do a work or have doubt for something in your mind and your inner gut says “NO”. Then say it. Don’t ever be afraid to say “NO” politely.


15. Take a break

A break from your daily routine is needed  the most some times for your recharging.

“Give yourself a break from your daily take so that you may remake, all that inside you, that aches.”

-A billion things to do book( Deeksha Arora)


16. Talk about things

Talking about any damn thing that is disturbing your mind with a person you trust could be the best solution to many problems many times. Try it out in tough situations. Don’t let your story be untold.


17. Set up a getaway

Plan a holiday for yourself at a weekend to a new place or somewhere you have already been with a new vigour. Explore new in different places.


18. Understand your passions

Every  now and then, spend time with your own self and realize your passion. Work out on your strengths to be extraordinary. Move more and more towards your passion. Believe me, everyone has one, just you need to realize it.


19. Take little steps

The little steps in the life like moving forward after a break up, getting out of illness, being strong when a loved one departs you are actually the most crucial. These little steps if taken carefully with an optimistic view lead you to a path paved for you by the universe at its best. It can be said that don’t look at the whole staircase but climb a step.


20. Creative experience

Keep on having some creative experiences in your journey of life like try a new recipe, write a poem or try out painting etc. Actually our creative expression and overall  being are interlinked. So, these creative experiences lead to your well being.


21. Show some love to someone in your life

Showing love to your near and dear ones add on a feeling of security, appreciation and trust which are utmost important for your well being.


22. Dark chocolate

Have some dark chocolate stored in your refrigerator at all times and have a munch of piece a day. It ‘s good for your heart and your upbeat swing.


23. Off the grid

To imagine life without smart phones actually is quite difficult. But one thing can be done that give yourself a break from the grid for a day or two in a week. Or fix a few hours of your day without gadgets. Establishing real connections is at the same time even more important.


24. Dance up

Dance around when you do your daily chores. This reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone and increases endorphins, the feel good hormones.


25. Relax in warm bath

Relaxing in a warm bath or a spa is recommended for flushing out toxins from your skin and body. You may add relaxing Epsom salts in warm water.


26. Time with animals

Spending time with an animal friend, any pet dog, rabbit, parrot or any other creature releases feel good hormones and keeps you charged.


27. Be a tourist in your own town

Don’t ever keep on waiting for a planned holiday for recreation. Infact be a tourist in your own town, explore new streets, new people, new piligrimages and add on your experiences.


28. Omega-3-fatty acids

Omega-3-fatty acids are very good for our heart and brain. They also build up healthy gut bacteria. Keep walnuts and flax seeds available to you for omega-3-fatty acids.


29. Practice forgiving

If you look in your life from a different perspective, it becomes easy to be forgiving. Forgiveness is actually first for your own self than for others.


30. Smile at a stranger

“Smiling faces always have a welcome.” This was a song once I sang in my student life in a school function and its words are like engraved on my heart. Really I believe that smile adds on to your face value and marks you with a pleasing personalty.


31. Intermittent fasting

Every now and then mark the hours without eating junk and unnecessary in your daily routines to add on to your efficiency and keep your body fit and healthy.


32. Stay organized

Organization in any aspect of your life is very crucial. It paves an easy path for your being.


33. Be assertive

Be respectful and ask directly for the things we want from someone. This avoids confusion and unnecessary drama and gossip in life.


34. Send a thank you note

Sending a thank you note to a person who does you a favor creates a cordial relation and gives you real space and feelings to be felt in life. Thank you notes are very appreciable.


35. Witness life

Try not to have any anxiety and too much questions in your mind, instead just let everything happen by itself and help yourself in making positive choices in your life run.




Deeksha Arora



  1. I enjoyed this post! Exercise, diet, and gratitude are very important. I’m still working on socializing.

  2. I really enjoyed this! It’s so true about talking with a friend about a problem, excercising, omega 3’s, gratitude, meditation. I am working on assertiveness and it’s changing my life actually. Great read!

  3. I’ve always believed that if the only word you know is gratitude, that would suffice to live a fruitful life. I think our heart must always be full of gratitude no matter what the circumstances are.

  4. Great informative article. Exercise and nutrition are very important and should be priority in everyone’s life. Health is wealth!

  5. This is so inspirational! Definitely important points you mention that I know I always need a reminder of. Going to implement these in my day to day life.

  6. Limit socail media well phone time period is a big one I need to practice. Take a break is something I also need to do.

  7. Monique Tillman Really the social media one needs to be practised. Thanks for the appreciation. MUCH POWER AND LOVE TO YOU.

  8. Danielle T Thanks for the appreciation. It’s true we all know the eternal truths of life and points to add on in our life for our sanity but the reminder is very crucial be in the right que. Much power and love to you.

  9. Nina NIchols Truly, “Gratitude must be our attitude”. I have been experiencing this since years now and believe me it has just added on to my treasures. Much power and love to you.

  10. Being gratitude even on small things should be a habit for everyone. It gives you good sanity.

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