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August 29, 2018

A trip to Alps

When I planned;

In the month of August,

When rains are high,

Everyone said don’t go,

It’s not safe,

The lands may slide due

To the cumbersome rains.


But it was deep in my heart

To visit the Alps;

For the love of the mountains

Was deep in my heart;

When I go up the hills,

Something different happens

inside me, my will;

that something different is

the realm of peace and silence

inside me,

which deepens as I go further and

visualize the mystic beauty of these

large embodiments of nature,

presented forth in the form of

green and brown mountains.


These mountains create a sense of

Joy inside me with an everflowing love

For their existence and their hugeness;

The cold breeze flowing in the air,

With the clouds penetrating inside me,

The sound of my own body’s automation,

That is, the flow inside me deepens more,

Giving me something magical in myself.


My feelings while looking through the valleys

from above cannot be explained;

but can only be experienced,

I wonder on this marvelous elaboration

Of this Divinity and just say “WOW”

Rest all feelings are deep inside me

In my own silence.




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