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How to recreate your life now pandemic is over from our life.

No matter what happens in life, be nice to the human figures. Being wise to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind the pandemic fear inside them.

 Be busy. Start working out on your new regular schedule. Best success quotes help to do some of the work at home place.

 Distract yourself from negative emotions. By listening to good music, watching an entertaining program on television, reading. If you had old hobbies like stitching, painting, or gardening go back to them. Explore your hobbies. Attempt and distance out the thoughts that make you anxious. Think of something serene and calm, and slow down your brain. When you feel irritated and angry, calm your brain, count back from 10 to 1, distract yourself works. 

Sharing is caring. Understand if someone around you wants food, advice, or other essentials. Be willing to share.  Elderly humans may feel confused, need, and lost. Offer them help by getting them what they want. It just takes some discipline structure to keep you on task, but this should be a good opportunity for self-motivated people and introverts.

Take up a relaxation practice. When humans throw your nervous system out of balance, relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, and meditation can bring you back into a state of equilibrium. Regular practice delivers the greatest benefits, so see if you can set aside even a little time every day. Practice slow breathing for a few times. Endless exercises can be done with yoga mats, but if you don’t have one you could lay down some towels or blankets. It’s so necessary to do exercising to drink plenty of fluids, eat well, and make your immune system strong. Do a regular indoor exercise that makes you fit and feeling fit. Be physically active.

Have a dance party at home. Dancing to a tune is a nice way to exercise, and all you require is some music to dance. You can always dance by yourself, but some of your friends might use even Zoom video conferencing software and social platforms to have remote dance parties on the weekend to reshape new life.

You are braver than you faith, loved more than you'll ever know, smarter than you think, and stronger than you seem.

Write and create online video content. Putting your thoughts into paper is a good way to deal with your feelings, but it can also be a great productive distraction.  But somehow if writing is not your style, you can work on to design digital content. Uploading videos and Recording them on platforms like YouTube or starting that podcast you’ve been meaning to do is a nice way for you to grow up your personal brand. And human energy will be hungry to consume the content to shape up a new life after the pandemic.

Make art. If you have a paper or pen (or pencil), you can easily draw. You can doodle your heart out by using any digital device today that has software. Art is a great way to keep your inner spirit uplifted; be sure to share the art you’re making with buddies and other humans online, as you never know what might motivate them and make their every day better.

Learn how to cook better. It has been a better time to beef up your cooking skills, as many health officials are recommending that you cook and eat at home now to protect your health. If you don’t know how to cook properly? Not to mention the endless online recipe sites and YouTube has free tutorials to cook just about everything under the sun.

Play games with friends and family. I’m not a big gamer, but I do love puzzles and board games. At this point, almost all board games have a digital version that you can play on your phone or computer but there’s something out there for everyone. It can be a nice excuse to catch up with friends, but also a way to meet new people online. You could also play board games at home with your family or roommates.

Learn something new. Now is a great time to how to code, learn a new language, or anything else you’ve been putting off. There are so many free resources online that can teach you new skills from not to mention online courses, YouTube tutorials to motivational quotes of life blogs. Don’t waste this new time to improve your knowledge and skills.

Read. Whether you’re reading just online articles, physical books, or digital books, reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp and occupy yourself. 

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