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Habits you need to Adapt to live a Better Life

“Words are seeing everywhere, turn of pages touches the rhythm, Reading sound comes at the end of every line.”

READING, a positive aura in itself is the essential medium to glitter up your life in a better way. More reading, more knowledge, better structure echoes every word that makes out of the alphabet. It’s so resorbing that every time you go through it, rich content fertile your behavior and somewhere your life has changed. Also, motivational quotes about life are a unique, magical feature to contribute the same. Missiles of words in rapid succession, paragraph, passage, Books opens the new curtain. You are reading a world that you can breathe, eat, and laugh in the illusion of Life to fairy tales. Taking care of your internal algorithm to survive in the series. The study of Books is always a pleasuring medium to paint the canvas. Reading people have their own distinctive mark on this planet Earth. More reliable, more promising faith as this bond is quite inseparable. Reading wins the race, more staying power, and more satisfaction. Live longer and healthier than the ones who don’t get into the pool of reading parameters. More words, more understanding, more observation, more search to reproduce mentally and perform the act of reading.

“To set down on paper or to express in black and white, to compose, to transcribe, to work as an author, it’s all regarding writing”

WRITING  a book, a manuscript is a legal instrument to edit a bad page. Writing good stuff and quality is the writer's worldly thought that comes to give a shape to the letter. Stroke the letter made by the pen of the brush is in itself a feature that also a medium to your newly formed image. Everyone can see stars in the sky as everyone can write, rewrite, and most intense obsession somewhere. Writing is a disease that can’t be the cure. You can show your favorite pieces, a childlike wonder to the world. You can create and form any of its own styles and bring a pleasant smile to people of all ages.

“Charity is more about Kindness, natural affection, and liberal in giving to the poor and needy”

Either in the form of donation or connect with some NGO else choose your own methods. You have to decide how to bring the joy that is spiritually dead. Give basic momentum to those people who live. Deep inside satisfaction is beyond infinity. Blast to do something that is more than worth. Doing CHARITY work is an open door for everyone. The work of love really matters. The voice inside you becomes human. It comes to your character in a quiet glorious way. Born from earth’s soil, you have to answer and verify yourself as a human who has all concerns regarding this planet. Every single dot is interconnected to each other as it's absorbing to see human beings is payback its debt. It’s a fresh beginning to absolve some resistant layers that come to the poor world. Talking to your conscience gives the rest of the returns. It’s a root that might begin at home and a stepping stone to creating a better world. You can lighten the other people's burden, even a small atom or molecule of kindness works. It’s never being wasted. It’s a treasure that makes you a champion. You can see the color in everyone’s eyes.

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Karma is an influencing content writer who can make you motivate you to become an optimistic personality in life. So much of passion and inspiration you will found in the writings, especially in the fictional articles.

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