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February 3, 2019

While dealing with your life,

when problems entangle you in themselves,

don’t get depressed and sad,

instead live  life a little more,

search happiness in small deeds,

smile at a stranger,

for it will be the moment you will live.





When you encounter a failure,

grief will cover you but

you have to come out of it,

as soon as you realize

your thoughts going depressing and negative,

tune your mind towards solution,

for this will be the moment you will live.



When the past bad memories entrap you,

release them and don’t let them ruin your today,

spread your wings like a butterfly,

dust the sorrow and fly in search of nectar

from a new flower, that is,

look for happiness in new ventures, relations and yourself;

for this will be the moment you will live.



When everything seems confused and tiring,

pause and refresh yourself with a nature walk;

let all thoughts good or bad

cross the screen of your mind,

just think towards goodness and Godliness;

The universe would revert back the best to you,

for this will the moment you will live.




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  1. I never care much for TRULY appreciating life, up until recently. It changed my entire perception of things when my father became terminally ill at a pretty young-ish age.

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