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Stay At Home Self Care Ideas during COVID 19.

Ocean isn't about waiting for the cyclone to pass. It's about learning how to listen to the drops of the rainwater.

Take a walk outdoors – in your garden, on your street, or at the park. Go to bed sometime earlier than usual. If you generally cut your sleep short as you have too much to do, this is a good time to be well-rested. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and fun catching up. De-clutter your room or a desk.

Watch a sunrise or sunset or value something in nature you rarely have time to notice. Get rid of a few things you never use. Pen down a playlist of great songs from your past and listen to them. Unsubscribe from junk mails. Send an encouraging text message to a few friends or family members. Wake up a few minutes early to meditate, reflect, or pray.

Listen to a podcast on a subject that attracts you as make a wholesome dinner and concentrate on eating it without any interruptions or reading. Think of something you’ve dreaded doing and complete it. Then, cross it off your list.

Relieve your anxieties in the moment by paying attention to the breathing and notice if you are fine right now, with no thoughts of the future or past. To slow yourself down, eat fruit very slowly, segment by segment. Savor the taste, touch, sight, and smell as you take each bite.

Unwilling to accept social media accounts that don’t bring you fun. Let go of the guilt of something you should do and replace it with something you need to do. Clean out your shelf, or a drawer, closet, or garage. video chat or FaceTime with one or more family people.

Try a few minutes of meditation on your own or do an Internet search for a guided meditation. App options include Insight Timer, which is free, and Headspace, which offers 10 free sessions. If you are upset, contact friends and family, a crisis hotline, or an employee assistance program. Say a slogan that brings you consolation, such as I am confident, All will be well, or May I be healthy and happy.

Practice your self-care routine. Take your cute time to go through the bedtime routine and your morning self-care routine. You can also try with some home-made masks as well as face packs. You can make these masks with just simple everyday ingredients like besan, milk, aloe vera, cream etc.

Spend time in the garden or your terrace. Have your morning juice outside in the garden with a fresh cool breeze in your face and the sound of birds chirping. You can also enjoy your evening coffee watching the sunset from your terrace. Now that we have got time, we should learn to reap these small pleasures of life that bring so much fun to our day to day life.  

Exercise. This is one of the manner to not let the lockdown get to your mind. You can go for various kinds of workouts which can be done indoors like treadmill, yoga, cardio, etc. There are various indoor exercise videos available on the internet that you can practice at the household. Exercise helps you clear your brain as well as stay healthy and feel good. Taking out an hour or so to workout will bring positivity in the mindset too.

Cooking. Time to stir the pot a little, even if it is to make instant Maggie noodles. During the lockdown, cooking has emerged as a go-to chore for many to pass time, provide nourishment to the body cells, and to suffuse up the wide hole left by the nonattendance of gourmet restaurants and takeaway meals. Human beings are cooking as they have to cook. Or as they have nothing better to do. But also because it is therapeutic. Baking or cooking a dish that you like to eat may prove to be a fulfilling experience. Plus home-cooked food is healthier, which signifies this one is both for the body and for the soul.

Sleep. Staying at home all-time signifies that we go lax on our bedtime. Just one more episode of the web-series, we tell ourselves, because why not. There’s no rush to get up early and thus we go to sleep late. But this erratic sleeping structure may impact our sleep cycle. So make certain that you get enough sleep. Instead of staying up late, apply this time to catch up on your sleep and reduce your sleep debt.

Praise and blame, loss and gain, sorrow and pleasure come and go like the breeze. That should give us hope aroma, maybe even help us see dawn comes after the darkness.

Organize. Remember the bookshelf and the cupboard that you were supposed to organize a few months back? Now you can clear all the mess and clutter in the room and at your home. This will cover relieve the stress as well as make you feel more happy and comfortable in the home. Scoring extra spaces to store by put in order is an added profit.

Set screen time. This is very significant so that you don’t waste all the time binge-watching movies and series and not do anything productive. Too much screen time will affect your vision and make you feel sluggish and irritable. So put a cap on your screen time, and apply your day to pursue other chores. These chores don’t have to always be productive, you can do something unproductive like playing badminton with your sibling, just as it’ll be joy.

Explore your creativity. Let your creative juices float will refresh your mind and offer a respite from a life that may seem very mundane and dull right now. Redecorate the house with DIY hacks, write, sing, sketch, paint. Do whatever that challenges your brain to think out of the box.

Revisit an old skill. All of us have a skill that we have now stopped putting to use due to various reasons. This might be a chance to revisit the old skill and explore why you fell in love with that particular item in the first place. We often let go of skills that we think are not important as they cannot be monetized. But under present circumstances, happiness and mental peace are a luxury and these skills could just buy us those.

Disconnect from the noise. Whether it’s the emails, news, or social media, stop consuming excessive content that adds to the anxiety, fear, and stress. There’s a thin line between staying illuminated and giving into the self-esteem that loves drama. To unhook from the noise, put your phone away, and develop a peaceful and calm headspace where you’re not pulled into the panic and craze.

Put on a cozy playlist. I personally love chill Eagles or Coldplay, like the playlist Dalkom Cafe on Spotify. And sometimes I like to put on meditation and yoga music for the soothing yoga studio or spa vibes.

Take an online class. You can use time to grasp something new through online classes or tutorials. An amazing platform for online classes is Skillshare. A fun class I found is: Style Your Space: Creative Techniques and Tips for Interior Design by Emily Henderson. You can explore the interior design style with an in-class quiz and grasp how to mix the favorite design and styles in a space you like, which can be really joyful when you’re stuck at home.

Clean & organize your space. When the world outside feels out of control, concentrate on the matters you can control. You can control how your space feels—if your space emotions fresh and tidy, your mind will feel calmer as well.

Meditate. The good thing you can do to peace your anxiety and mind is to meditate. Even if the outside world is mad, you can work to stay grounded and calm in the inner world. If you need to go deeper with inner work, check out Healing Workshop. It comes with a free workbook you can download to work through healing your emotional experiences and traumas.

Learn a language. Lately, you’ve been making it a point to practice Spanish with language learning apps for 15 minutes a day. One app I recommend is Duolingo. You usually practice in the late evening before bed. It might not seem like a lot, but spending a little time a day on a language will add up to a lot over time.

Watch feel-good TV. I love watching shows like friends, because it’s so motivating, or K dramas. I’m watching panchayat on Netflix, and I also loved the Taylor Swift documentary. It’s so relatable and meaningful.

Follow your heart. You don’t want to emotion obligated to make a list or make yourself busy during your staycation. What if you were to do nothing? Simply do nothing, then listen to your heart, and see what it wants. Leave it open and see what occurs. The point is to not feel pressured or forced to do anything. This is your time to discover yourself, so really, you can do whatever you require with it. The beauty of this pathway is that you don’t identify what’s next. 

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