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Lessons we learned from this Pandemic

It’s normal to come across barriers, that's how we grasp when we overcome challenges. Life is a bright lesson; we learn every day and we will continue learning every day. 

Speed and trust. Too clearly, we learned how much we require an early warning system for future crises, whether from pandemics or climate change. Future global crises may not just come from COVID-19 – which is why a warning system like the World Health Organization's offers a comprehensive structure. Inspirational quotes of life lead to having a system we can trust is difficult as only through trust will citizens act as they did to self-isolate. In truth, we should act together by staying apart. 

We are living beyond the planet’s boundaries. The rapid healing of the ozone layer, clean water in moribund rivers and breathtakingly fresh air, the arrival of dolphins in coastal regions, the chirping of birds, sighting wild animals in urban areas, and even the rapid return of clear blue skies re-establish that we are messing nature up very badly the way we live. It is madness to expect that a lockdown way of living will be the new normal and nature will get a chance to rejuvenate herself, but it is not madness to expect that we will get answers that ensure the simultaneous well-being of the ecology and economy. 

 Broadband access to the internet. Digital access is now like oxygen. For years, our social workers have been advising cancer patients on how to access their own treatment plans and health data online. Now all our patients who have financial problems are in need of that advice. Human beings throughout the world could not access online learning tools without broadband. Digital access must be seen as a utility, like plumbing and electricity. 

Health assurance. Coronavirus proved that the “Internet of You” can hold up a new era of health assurance. You can call it “healthcare with no address”, where sophisticated medicine can be easily provided to persons at home. Every human wants to live joyfully and productive lives without healthcare getting in the way. We now know we can do that as it must be done with digital health. 

This pandemic is world reset. We have a great chance to change the world. Human kindness has come out in so many different ways. Love is all around you. 

 Ethics and equity. Digital medicine is the oath of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the device of artificial intelligence transforms all professions. At the same time, healthcare is a good argument for the difficult lesson as that the digital future cannot easily make the wealthy wealthier. Digital medicine provides access to everyone in their own neighborhoods and gives us an unparalleled opportunity to address the social determinants of health. 

Hygiene helps: If any good old lesson came handy during the coronavirus crisis it was that hygiene helps. We have all been getting lessons to wash our hands every time we’ve been to a place that when we return home from outside, could have disease-causing germs and from time to time for good measure. Yet, if the upward graph of soap sales during the crisis is any sign, it was as if we were exploring the value of washing hands for the first time! 

Focus is effective: We are taught the valuable existence of focus in everything we do. The pandemic outbreak has shown, like never before, how focused action can lead to high social impact in a small interval of time. 

We really don’t need much to live: We have already lived through a lockdown. The availability of medicines and education, communication, food, shelter, water, communication, the internet, and entertainment on television has kept us going. The lockdown has provided us to ask what we really require to live reasonably well. And the refined answer in most cases is – not too much.  

Telecommuting is possible. This is the time to discover the values of physical presence and remote working and make a significant transition. This current pandemic has given lessons to everybody to update policies for business and security continuity. Chances are that flexi-time, work from home and other such policies won’t be treated as necessary evils or pariahs in the aftermath of the crisis. 

Medical capacities are limited as we have huge reserve capacity. The brightest of nations are limited in their capacity to treat humans if there is a loud outbreak of a disease. Best success quotes are the reason to reduce the massive pressure on the governments, the healthcare industry has applied several plans to intensify capacity – right from providing medical caregivers to get healthcare on wheels set in motion. 

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