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He & She
May 22, 2019

He and She have important and equal role in a family.

Both of them need support, appreciation and Love to add value to their relationship.

He & She both are the crucial part of the society.

If a conflict occurs, both of them need to solve it with discussion not arguments.

While discussing both must be allowed to keep their point of view rather only one person who says .i.e.  the male due to the male dominant society.

Whatever the female may do for the kids and family, she is not given the importance which she must get in this Indian society. Everyone agrees that a home is not a Home without a lady but when she prevails in your life, you don’t give her a chance to be equal in channels of life.

Why is she not allowed to let out the things which disturb her peace of mind?

Generally, because much of them are associated with the partner’s people as most of the time she has to be associated with them.

Anything can be crashed upon her family amidst all the chaos. The egoistic “HE” thinks his lovables must stay off the course.

How is this possible?

This is possible only if we see all the “She’s” in an iconic deity of Goddess.

So, most of the time we think we are wasting time in discussion; there is no point of discussion due to such conflicts.

Lingering on the discussion or avoiding discussion related to problem which is creating a noise in your mind is actually prolonging the adverse situation.

But, on the other hand if open discussions are promoted in a couple and both are ready to listen to each other’s problems they will definitely work out a solution for any damn situation.

My prayers are for every couple to follow the rule of “D & S”

Discuss & Solve in life.

But, remember the discussions must not be biased.

Anyone can lead a peaceful and healthy life if they analyze the SITUATIONS? and people soulfully.

He & She should complement each other and move ahead in life.

The relationships are not to be broken rather they are to be mended or they must be left untouched exposed to the nature.

Nature will anyhow heal them if you stay focused towards your authenticity.


Much love and power to you

Deeksha Arora


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