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Are we not human beings?
March 15, 2019

The private sector of multinationals in India are just squeezing out the employees till the last ounce of energy. These employees who have to work day in and day out without any off day or any incentives have very limited options left with them.

  1. They should quit the job.
  2. Be a part of brain drain and anyhow rush out of the country for lucrative jobs.
  3. Begin thinking that they are not treated as human beings and just be swapped and trashed any damn time.

I agree that it is a world of competition; everyone wants results in sales and growth.

But believe me, best management is which allows a mental peace to its employees and it is possible only if we care about our people, our team.

I have seen many companies talking in motivational sessions of their company that they are a family but many of them follow these family things only for their growth and just don’t give a concern to the problems faced by the employees due to their unbalanced schedule with their own selves and their families due to lack of time and peace only because of their job.

I know many of you would say then, what is the point to continue with such jobs?

But sometimes, quitting the job is not the option due to unavailability of more jobs and also due to insecurity related to jobs and career.



Not all can quit the jobs due to such reasons as they are monetarily quite dependent on the same. Now, I come to a point which I discuss with many of the friends and cousins who are doctors. These doctors in India who are working in the so called money building machines .i.e. the five star hospitals or also any other private hospitals are just not permitted any holidays in their course of job and really created a nuisance in the so intelligent doctor minds.

These doctors have to deal with the lives of common man. I hope many of you can relate with the same. It’s my earnest and humble request to all the people out there to let doctors and people of private sectors and people of private sectors live their lives.

Please, please, please it’s an urge to the management of all the progressive companies and hospitals of  India to give space and peace of mind to the people involved with and around you.


This mental peace with a set of flexibilities in a job profile of a person will lead to beautiful  and advancing India.





Deeksha Arora

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