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Why to change in our lives?
March 4, 2019

Actually change is crucial for every walk of our life.

Change is a process.

Change is a big part of being successful.

But remember the change should be towards positivity.

Change could be in many ways:-

# Adjustment

# Advancement

# Development

# Shift

# Transformation

# Transition

# Diversification

# Metamorphosis

# Reconstruction


Change in life is desirable when you recognize a need to make improvement to an existing situation.

Keys which lead to positive changes  in life:-

# Take small action steps

# Be willing to go back in order to move forward

# Check your ego

# Show up

# Speak up

# Show others a bigger vision

# Make a good change team

# Keep going, learn from mistakes

# Take others with you

# Find the humor in the situation

# Talk about finding solutions to problems than feelings

# Don’t stress out about stressing out

# Focus on values instead of your fears

# Accept the past, but fight for the future

# Don’t accept stability

Life is a journey and becoming better everyday must be the goal. The biggest road block to change is you. Learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of change and use this change as a tool to betterment.


So, change if you feel  lonely;

Change if you feel unwanted;

Change if you are unhealthy;

Change if you are not getting expected results;

Change if you want peace of mind;

Change if you want happiness;

Change if you want prosperity.

Change for your own sake;

Change for your soul.



Deeksha Arora


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