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March 4, 2019

These days everyone is so much into the syndrome of “My life, My rules”


I also agree to this.

But many times in life you have to change yourself according to the norms of the society, your relationship priorities, your fundamental duties which I think is utmost important.


When you are young, your prime duty is to be defined as a brilliant student or an obedient child as a boy or a girl;

But remember to enjoy your life as all things move on.


When you grow up, you need to choose your career wisely and decide about your livelihood wuth a handsome salaried job and a beautiful married life.


All these things seem like a fairy tale, but I assure you that this is possible.



Not the whole of your life is going to be a bed of roses and surely it can never be all thorny also.


Life is all about balance


Balance your relationships

Balance your work ethics

Balance your diet

Balance your personal body fitness

Balance your enhancing abilities by good reads

Balance your friendship

Balance your relationship with your own soul by meditation



When you excel in all these fields, you definitely progress towards “My life, My rules”


So, stay tuned with your life with your rules with a proper pause and check mechanism for yourself.





Much love and power to you

Deeksha Arora


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